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In Memory of Amy launched in September 2016 at the Gallery Cafe in East London.

Singer, Anna Aarons, had always been a fan of Amy but the idea for the show came from receiving lots of comments about her likeness to Amy.

Purposefully not wanting to be another 'typical tribute', Aarons created a show with a varied selection of Amy's hits, from Frank, Back to Black and Lionness. Aarons always presents as herself but dresses similarly to Amy as a nod to Amy's iconic style.


Along with band members Will Jackson and Mehmet Raif, the band have now extended to include guitarist Magnus Ericson, saxophonist Kerry Williams, and pianist Gareth Buckland. With backing vocals delivered on occasion by the exquisite Louise Golbey.


In August 2017 In Memory of Amy saw its first show at Pizza Express' newest music venue in Holborn. After an extremely successful, sold out show the band performed again, this time with special guest guitarist Robin Banerjee (formerly of the Amy Winehouse band) at another sold out show in March 2019.


What makes this show unique is that it is a dedicated evening in memory of, and tribute to, one of London's finest modern jazz and blues singers. Aarons enjoys keeping Winehouse's memory alive with this devoted show in order to give fans the chance to experience her music live once more, in the way she liked it to be performed - different every time.

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